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Sovereign International provides wholesale exchange rates to the institutional, corporate and private market, along with unmatched levels of service and in-depth market analysis to ensure clients trades are timed to perfection.

Whether you are a large corporate trading millions on a weekly basis, a small to medium-sized enterprise trading tens of thousands on a monthly basis, or just a private individual with a one-off amount to transact for a property purchase or overseas investment, we will provide you with the most simple, cost effective route for your foreign exchange payments.


We tailor our service to your needs
* Same day payments
* Access to over 140 currencies
* Spot trades, Forwards and Market Orders
* Your own dedicated Trader who understands your business


Save up to 5% of the traded amount
* Wholesale exchange rates usually reserved for large/institutional companies
* Intelligently timed trades, avoiding unforeseen market fluctuations and reducing costs
* Little to no deposits on Forwards
* Free payments over £1000


Our Payment and Foreign Currency Exchange Services are provided by Ebury Partners UK Limited
* Ebury is Authorised and regulated by the FCA
* Segregated, ring-fenced client accounts in the Bank
* Traded £12bn in foreign exchange in the past 3 years
* Worked with 100,000+ businesses and private clients

Products & Services


Book todays rate and have the flexibility of paying within 2 days.


Book todays rate and pay at a later date, up to years in advance. If you do not have a fixed date, then we can book a window forward and you can use the currency over a set time period. There is no limit to how many times you drawdown on your contract.


If you have a target rate for a trade, we can input a digital order for that rate which runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even if your rate becomes achievable for just a second, your order will fill and you will be notified.


Your dedicated Trader will guide you at every step along the way when trading. Even when you are not, they will keep you updated on any significant news and market movements to avoid any unforeseen fluctuations in the rates, meaning you will not have to worry about any unforeseen costs.

How Does It Work?

Call us/We call you to confirm the rate. If you are happy, we will book this for you and send a trade confirmation via e-mail.

Send your funds to a segregated, ring-fenced account within the Bank. You will be automatically notified once your funds have been received.

Let us know where to send your currency. You can do this via phone or e-mail.

We send the funds to your beneficiary swiftly and securely. You will be automatically notified once your funds have been sent.


Sovereign International is a company registered in England and Wales (registered no. 09357987). Our Payment and foreign exchange services are provided by Ebury Partners UK Ltd is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority as an Electronic Money Institution. Reference Number: 900797. The FCA Requires Ebury to meet standards across three areas, Ebury exceeds all three of these standards which cover:

Capital Adequacy

The levels of capital requirements are based on Ebury’s level of activity. The FCA reviews Ebury’s capital adequacy on an annual basis.

Client Protection

All client funds are held in segregated accounts, entirely separate from Ebury’s own operating accounts, so client funds are always safe.

Robust Internal Risk Management

Ebury has strict governance and operational processes in place to scrutinise the accuracy of each transaction, with appropriate involvement from Directors. Compliance with Ebury’s governance and processes is regularly audited.

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