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Director of an Industrial Tooling Company

“Trading in currencies across the world, and the ever-increasing reliance on computer trading, the personal touch that George and his colleagues provide makes the difference, and helps for better trading and better profits.”


Managing director of a Lighting company

“We have been using Sovereign/Ebury for about a year now and have been very pleased with the personal service we receive from Harry, competitive rates and speedy response times to any enquiry. We also appreciate the proactive approach with regard to market rate movements and information given enabling us to make informed choices for our business needs. We are approached almost daily by FX companies seeking to win our business but will be sticking with Sovereign.”


Director of a Property Development Company

“I have been very satisfied with all my dealing with Sovereign/Ebury for the purchase of Sterling and Canadian currencies for my company. I am currently deal with Sean Galvin his team , and I am extremely satisfied with the level of service and quality of detail received, and I have no hesitation in recommending them to other customers, as I found them to be extremely helpful and very efficient.”


Finance Manager of a Computer Support Company

“We have worked with Sovereign International for the past 18 months as our sole FX service provider. Sean and his team have provided an excellent service at all times. Responses to our requests are, without fail, dealt with and actioned immediately. Sean, as our account manager, has taken the time personally to understand what we do as a business and therefore provides a service that is bespoke to our needs"


Finance Director of a School Trip Company

“We have been using Sovereign for a number of years and always find Sean very helpful and efficient. Their rates are very competitive, much more so than our bank, and transactions are handled quickly and easily. We would not hesitate to recommend them!”


Finance at a Software Company

“Being new to foreign currency transactions it was a huge relief to come across Sean Galvin and the team at Sovereign / Ebury. They are professional and knowledgeable and have saved me and our company time and money on both a professional and personal basis. I can highly recommend them.”


Accounts at a Computer Consultancy

“We have used a number of brokers to transact our USD and Euro payments over the years but in working with Sean Galvin and Sovereign over the last three we could not have been happier.


Director of a Packaging company

“Ebury/Sovereign – Always obliging, always efficient, always the best deal available. Will keep on with Ebury and would recommend them without hesitation.”


Director of a Construction Company

“We have been working with Sovereign, since last summer, for all our foreign exchange requirements. We have saved large percentages over our bank rates on every trade, which has already saved us thousands in that time. We would highly recommend Sovereign to anyone who has FX requirements.”


Accounts at a Tea and Coffee Company

We have used Sovereign International/Ebury for the last 3 years and find them excellent. It is not only the savings we have made, it is the ease of making the foreign transaction."


Finance Manager at an Industrial Supplies Company

“As a company we use Sovereign to mainly purchase dollar forwards, I have found the service to be very efficient and the notifications given when rates are expected to rise/drop very helpful. George always responds quickly to any payment request or query I put through. I have dealt with other currency companies in the past and found them lacking. Fully recommend Sovereign International.”


Accountant at a Packaging Company

“We have dealt with Sean Galvin at Sovereign since November 2017 to make Euro purchases. They offer very competitive rates and we have found Sean and his team very helpful and professional and would have no hesitation in recommending them.”


Director of a Confectionery Company

“We have used Sovereign International since July 2016 and I've had a very good experience of working with Sean and his team during this time. The service above all is hard to match. The communication and speed when dealing with your payments has also been very efficient, probably the most so, of any currency trader we have worked with."


Corporate Controller at a Pharmaceuticals Company

“Please be advised that we have used the services of Sovereign/Ebury Partners and in that time, we have found the service very reliable and efficient with substantial savings obtained on our foreign currency transactions.”


Accounts at an Agricultural Equipment Importer

“We have been using Sovereign International/Ebury Partners for over a year now and are 100% happy. Competitive rates and excellent service every time! The speed and efficiency that transactions are dealt with is excellent and to be honest makes the whole foreign exchange process so easy. Special thanks to Sean and Liam but to the whole team – you are great!”


Director of a Food Importer

“Sovereign made our job less worrying, I feel like you guys are a part of our extended business, your regular information and updates, friendly service especially you Harry, makes us feel that we are part of the same organisation.”


Accountant at a Catering Company

“I can confirm that we have being using Sovereign International/Ebury-Partners over the last few months to conduct our foreign currency payments. Due to the daily currency fluctuations I am unable to confirm the overall saving we have gained by using them. However I can confirm that we would be saving in the region to €10-€20 per €1000 each transaction if not more when compared to our bank.”


Director of an Office Supplies Company

“We have been working with Sovereign International for a good while now. Our contact there is George Jackson. George has been friendly, professional, helpful and extremely efficient. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this Company.”


Director of an Adhesives Company

“We have been using Sovereign international for over 3 years now and we order through Sean Galvin. I can highly recommend this company and Sean is always very helpful. We have saved a lot over the years and find them very efficient and they offer a great service.”


owner of a Travel Company Owner

“We have used Sovereign International for the last 2 years and I've had a very good experience of working with Sean and his team during that time. The service above all is superb with good rates to match - the communication and speed when dealing with payments has also been very efficient, probably the most so of any currency trader we have worked with. Also the paperwork is very comprehensive and whenever I've need anything the turnaround has been very quick. I would thoroughly recommend Sean and Sovereign International.”

About us

Why Choose Us?

Since 2014 we have catered for large corporates, small-medium sized enterprises and private individuals.


We tailor the service to your needs


We regularly save clients up to 5% of the traded amount

Savings are not guaranteed, please get in touch to compare rates


Sovereign International has carefully selected industry leading fintech and foreign exchange partners to provide our clients with regulated services and products.

Some key points about our partners:

Simplify your operations by collecting money globally without the need for multiple bank accounts or a local presence.


Named Collection Accounts

Benefit from cross-border and in-country collection accounts in your company name.


Foreign Exchange Services

Spot Trades

Book today’s rate and have the flexibility of paying within two days. Perfect for currency and payments that you need fast.


Protect your profit margins from exchange rate fluctuations by booking today’s rate and paying at a later date, up to years in advance. If you do not have a fixed date, then we can book a window forward and you can use the currency over a set time period. There is no limit to how many times you drawdown on your contract.

Market Orders

If you have a target rate for a trade, we can input a digital order for that rate which runs 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Even if your rate becomes achievable for just a second, your order will fill and you will be notified.

Market Analysis

Your dedicated Trader will guide you at every step along the way when trading. Even when you are not, they will keep you updated on any significant news and market movements to avoid any unforeseen fluctuations in the rates, meaning you will not have to worry about any unforeseen costs.

Foreign Exchange Services

How does it work?

We make it easy to send and receive up to 150 currencies across the globe. Whether you need to pay suppliers or collect funds from your international clients, we can make payments quick and easy or even set up currency accounts in your name to take the stress out of securing your revenues

  • Give us a call or send us an e-mail to confirm the rate.

  • Send your funds to your account - Funds are safeguarded by our FCA-regulated e-money partners at a credit institution.

  • Let us know where to send your currency by logging into to our online portal, or sending us an e-mail from your authorised e-mail address.

  • We send the funds to your beneficiaries swiftly and securely. You will be automatically notified once your funds have been sent.


Trade Finance

Ebury can pay your suppliers early and reduce your cashflow gap

Borrow up to £3 Million

Pay Ebury back 150 days later: Reduce your liquidity needs with our longer payment terms.

Pay as you go

There are no upfront or hidden fees, meaning you can use the facility whenever you like without incurring unnecessary costs.

Your goods are yours​

Ebury takes no collateral, which means there’s no impact on any existing credit lines you have.

  • Your supplier sends you an invoice.

  • You forward the invoice to Ebury and Ebury pays your supplier in any currency.

  • You sell your goods or services.

  • You repay Ebury up to 150 days later in your domestic currency.

Trade Finance

As an importer, how does trade finance work?


Affiliate Partnerships

We believe that the most powerful way of doing business is through referrals, so we designed a partnership programme to reflect this. You can add value to your core business by facilitating any FX requirement your corporate or personal network may have, through an industry-leading provider.

You can feel comfortable referring business to us knowing that we provide the most simple, secure and cost-effective route for any kind of FX payment. We also have one of the most attractive commission structures in our market, meaning this really is a win-win scenario for you and your network.

Some of our current partners include:

International Property Agents
Sports Agents
Media Agents


And many more.

Rate Comparison

How much could we have saved you?

You will be emailed with our exchange rate within 1 hour.

We will only call you with your prior agreement. 

No mailing lists, no phone calls, no nonsense.

Market Update

Our Weekly FX Update

Weekly Market Update

Dollar falls hard on inflation relief


Slightly lower-than-expected CPI reading dragged down the US dollar, allowing for improvement in market sentiment.

High beta currencies, notably NZD and NOK, performed particularly well. Safe havens underperformed.

Economic data from China was mixed but highlighted issues in the real estate market, which authorities try to address with new measures.

The US CPI inflation report for April was a touch softer than expected, and investors worldwide celebrated by sending stock markets to fresh record highs and selling safe havens like the US dollar, which fell against every G10 currency save the Swiss franc.

The relief rally lifted most risk assets and commodities, and the undisputed winner of the week was the Chilean Peso, soaring on the back of investor enthusiasm and rocketing copper prices.

The next couple of weeks will be remarkably light in terms of either macroeconomic data or major central bank meetings. This week’s focus will be on the worldwide releases of the advance PMI indices of business activity for May, out Thursday. These are particularly important in Europe, while their US version seems to have lost some of its predictive power. Markets are expecting a slight improvement. A positive surprise here would add to the sense that European economies are picking up momentum and could further fuel the dollar sell off. UK inflation out Wednesday will round up the week.


The massive relief rally in financial markets caused by a very mild downward surprise in the April inflation report confirms to us that fears were running very high, and that speculators and traders remain quite long the US dollar. While the headline number was lower than expected, the more important core subindex was not, and services inflation is still running hot at above 5%.

However, there will now be a lull in data out of the US, with nothing really market moving on tap this week, so we would expect the US dollar to continue to grind lower as the overhang of long positions gets liquidated.


Communications from the ECB make it increasingly clear that while a June cut has been committed to and is inevitable, any moves beyond that remain highly uncertain and data dependent. Markets seem to expect either one or at most two additional cuts this year, which sounds quite reasonable to us, especially as the Eurozone economy picks up momentum and diminishes the urgency of monetary relief.

Over the medium term, we think that euro undervaluation, resilient domestic demand and a Chinese recovery remain tailwinds for the common currency.


The May meeting of the Monetary Policy Committee essentially left the question on whether to cut in June open. It will depend on the two months’ worth of data between now and the meeting, particularly inflation, of course. The first such data point comes out this week. The consensus is for another large, though base-effect driven, drop in the annual data both on the headline and the core indices, which would open the way for a June move. This data will be followed on the next day by the advance PMI indices of activity for May. The number is expected to be strong but should have less impact on sterling trading.