Harry Cowling

A few weeks ago some friends thought it would be a good idea to attempt the national 3 peaks challenge for a charitable cause.
The ever charitable Greg Shepherd got involved and recommended Haven House, a local charity very close to his heart.
Haven House supports local children and families, from birth, who are seriously ill and have life-limiting or life-threatening conditions.
Unfortunately just after the challenge was announced, their mate Harry was told he needed conscious surgery to remove a brain tumour.
The 9 hour conscious surgery was a success but Harry still needs chemotherapy over the next few months and maybe another operation.
Harry’s closest mates made the decision to do all they could to turn a negative into a positive and attempt the challenge on the same day.
The second group decided to support The Brain Tumour Charity, a life saving cause supporting Harry and others in the same position.
It made sense to come together and attempt the challenge as one group as both causes are very close to our hearts.
We originally planned the challenge for 24/4 but covid restrictions meant we had to change the date to 15/6.
So please spare anything you can for these amazing life changing and life saving causes, every little really does help - Thank you