Benefit from cross-border and in-country collection accounts in your company name.


Simplify your operations by collecting money globally without the need for multiple bank accounts or a local presence.

Win customers

Gain a competitive advantage and increase customer satisfaction by pricing and accepting payments in the currency your clients prefer.

Easy & Secure

View the funds you’ve collected online. Repatriate funds at wholesale FX rates and make payments quickly and securely.

Integrated Solution

  • Access our FX, financing and payment solutions to manage your finances and grow your business, with your own dedicated Relationship Manager.
  • The account your business needs, in the currency and countries your clients want.
  • Using your own account details to collect currencies internationally is easier than you think.
  • Get account details in your own name – This includes an account number and other necessary information to make or receive payments in a given currency.
  • Collect and hold money in multiple currencies.
  • Convert your balances from one currency to another or use them to make payments.
  • Get in-country account details in your name to collect locally.
  • Enable your customers and business partners to pay you like a local.
  • Reduce friction and costs by allowing your customers to make domestic payments.
  • No corporate presence required to collect payments locally
  • Any amounts you receive will be credited to your balance