Ebury can pay your suppliers early and reduce your cashflow gap.

Borrow up to £3million

Pay Ebury back 150 days later: Reduce your liquidity needs with our longer payment terms.

Pay as you go

There are no upfront or hidden fees, meaning you can use the facility whenever you like without incurring unnecessary costs.

Your goods are yours

Ebury take no collateral, which means there’s no impact on any existing credit lines you have.

As an importer, how does trade finance work?

  • Your supplier sends you an invoice.
  • You forward the invoice to Ebury and Ebury pays your supplier in any currency.
  • You sell your goods or services.
  • You repay Ebury up to 150 days later in your domestic currency.

Pay your supplier in their local currency and repay in yours. Avoid currency fluctuation risks and reduce costs.

Pay your supplier earlier. Improve your supplier relationships and negotiate discounts.

Align your outgoings with your income and take control of your finances.